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Restoration of the human organism through concentration on numbers

Who is Grigori Grabovoi®?

Grigori Grabovoi is the author of the teaching "Deliverance and Harmonious Development," which has received acclaim through official documents of the United Nations Organization (UNO). He is a respected clairvoyant, healer and specialist in energy informatics. He was honored by the Russian Academy of Sciences with the silver medal of the Nobel Prize Award winner I. P. Pavlov for his "furthering of medicine and public health."

Grigori Grabovoi is also an award winner of the International Academy of Sciences' competition on the topic "Nature and Society." He was distinguished with the Peter the Great medal for his contributions to the "revival of the science and economy of Russia."

What contains the online version of the book?

The online version if this book presents the method of improving conditions of health through concentrating on seven, eight and nine digit numbers, which Grigori Grabovoi received in the course of his practical work. The seven digit number sequences form the foundation of the system, for further specific conditions, eight and nine digit numbers are given – in the Table of Contents and also throughout the book.

Through immersion in this method of health improvement, through concentrating on the number sequences and through a comparison of various and several number sequences, one can address all aspects of a medical condition.

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Grigori Grabovoi - Wiederherstellung des menschlichen Organismus durch Konzentration auf Zahlen